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Okmulgee Workforce Options and Opportunities

The Okmulgee area has a workforce that is ready or can be trained to do the jobs your organization needs done.  With a population of nearly 1,000,000 within an hour commute, we will be able to meet your needs.  Additionally, none can compare with the Workforce Development engine that is located right here, in addition to state and local incentives that can help you train your start-up workforce and advance the skills your incumbent workers need to stay ahead of the competition.  Learn here about our workforce development opportunities.

In Okmulgee Oklahoma you will find a workforce that will get you started and keep you ahead of your competition!

Workforce Overview

  Okmulgee Okmulgee County
Unemployment Rate (January 2014) 6.7 % 6.7 %
Population (2010 census) 12,321 40,069
Population (2000 census) 13,022 39,685
Population Employed 5,593 14,742
Average Wage $14.72 $16.58
Average commute time 22 minutes 26 minutes

Tulsa MSA Laborshed

Total Laborshed Workforce, - within 1 hour commute 487.507  
Employed (2011) 456,219  
Unemployed (2011) 30,393  
Employed in Blue Collar Occupations 161,615 39.6%
Employed in White Collar Occupations 246,224 60.4%

Okmulgee County Available Workforce Characteristics

Average Age 37.9
Education High School and beyond 84.8%
Some college or Associate Degree 36.7%
Undergraduate Degree 14.7%
Postgraduate/Professional degree 4.7%

Workforce Data Downloads

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